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About us

Mama’s Got a Brand New Bag is not your typical luxury handbag store; we are much more. We exist to provide a reliable platform for women worldwide by shining light promote their textiles and artistry on a high-profile international platform.

Our story begins with our founder, Sonja Brooke, and her desire to uplift small businesses – particularly those owned by women from low-income and marginalised communities and work with like-minded partners to heal the planet.

Each exquisitely handcrafted handbag comes with a complete history of transparency. We call this a blockchain. The details of each artisan and their stories are provided for you in a “Birth Certificate” as it is important to us that no artist’s work goes without recognition and the source from which your bag was birthed should not be lost in production but rather honoured. Your bag will come complete with its origins and a certificate of authenticity. We know that you will take pride in your purchase just as the people who helped create it have done.

In addition to the sheer beauty of each bag, there are several added benefits of our handbags. First, our bags are the first and only to be created with Diamondthreadz. Our bags are designed to last. These timeless treasures are destined to be enjoyed for many years and become family heirlooms passed down to family members or consigned to share with another bag lover for top value.  Since our bags are created with sustainable and biodegradable materials, they will always symbolise stylish love bestowed on Mother Earth.

In addition, each bag comes complete with tracking capability. We know how devastating losing your handbag can be. Whether through theft or misplacement, “Find my bag” technology can help you locate your bag in minutes. You can feel confident when you carry our handbags.

Mama’s Got a Brand New Bag is changing the industry by using invasive species to assist in regenerative fashion- with cutting-edge technology, sustainability, and a transparent story. Each of our bags exemplifies strength, dedication, confidence, and perseverance, just like the women who created them. Now it’s your turn to embody the vision through a handcrafted Brand New Bag!


Each bag tells a story and by using the invasive Lionfish and Dragonfin leather we are helping restore the coral reef ecosystems in the Gulf of Mexico and to assist in restoring its natural flora and fauna

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In less than forty years the invasive Lionfish is responsible for destroying the native fish population and coral reefs from Brazil to Boston to Barcelona. Over 42 million of these invasive Lionfish make their living in the coral reef and kill over 79% of native fish babies and eat over 70,000 grown native fish a year. (Facts about the Invasive Lionfish………)


The invasive Dragonfin was brought from Southeast Asia in the 1970s to manage ponds in the United States however with massive flooding in the 1990s these fish managed to escape and infiltrate the Mississippi River. These fish have wreaked havoc on the native fish of the Mississippi River and on the inhabitants along the river whose livelihoods are dependent on the 150 native fish that are threatened by this predator. (Facts about the Invasive Dragonfin ……)

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Our handbags have been carefully designed by women, for women. For instance, our “Find My Bag” technology, which is standard in every bag, was invented after Sonja had her purse snatched while visiting Palm Springs, California. Among the items within the purse was a popular coffee chain’s pre-loaded loyalty card connected to a phone app. The unsuspecting thief allowed their craving for a delicious brew to supersede sound judgment and used the card daily, alerting Sonja of their whereabouts, and ultimately leading to their capture. Although Sonja never recovered her bag, she was given an idea that has been brought to reality. Using tracking technology each of our handbags can be traced through a “Find My Bag” app, exclusive to our brand. If your bag is stolen, lost, or misplaced, you will be able to recover it each time


Unique to us

The innovation continues beyond there. Every handbag has been crafted using DiamondThreadz (patent pending). DiamondThreadz is created using actual diamonds, which have been ethically sourced. You can feel good about supporting our brand because we only use mining sources that respect the earth and treat their employees fairly. We only buy stones from companies that provide sustainable diamonds and replenish the environment with trees once the diamonds have been mined. Diamonds are Earth’s hardest substance, and DiamondThreadz makes Mama’s Got a Brand New Bag handbags strong and long-lasting.


Not only that, but our bags are also efficient and convenient. No more losing small items in the bottom of your bag. No more straining and searching for loose change—and every woman knows the frustration of cleaning lipstick from the inside of their purse because their favourite shade became lost and uncapped. Mama’s Got a Brand New Bag has provided a solution—The inside of each purse features a deep side pocket for loose change and small items such as keys. In addition, there are “leather” loops that are sewn along the inside wall of the handbag, which provide adequate and secure space to hold a phone, make-up compact, brush/comb, etc. Any item desired to be readily accessible can be secured to the wall of the purse for convenience and confidence.


When we say that our bags are distinctive, we mean it. Each bag is as unique as the women who helped create it. You will receive a “Birth Certificate”, which will give you the bag’s origin story and the story of the woman(en) who participated in its creation. Some standard features make these bags elegant. They come in four shapes,

The bags have 4 distinctive shapes (classic, rectangular, shopper, and round) and they have dual faces, with one side of the bag representing the day and the other night. Our bags are designed, so their colours fade over time, creating an Italian “Fresco” appearance. In other words, our bags look better with age, time, and wear.

Every Handbag is a Custom bag

Our custom bags are made to order and take 8-10 weeks to produce. We allow you to collaborate with our design team by choosing the “Iconic Wig Baby” of your choice to create the perfect piece of wearable art.  Or you can choose to go the ultimate luxurious route by selecting a deluxe model with a painting painted by a well-known artist, which includes natural diamonds. Purchasing our handbags is more than just finding a fashion accessory; it’s becoming a part of a movement! Come on, Mama, and get your brand-new bag