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Why do we use diamonds in our designs?
Contrary to what one may think “A Diamond Life” is – Diamonds are the hardest substance known to man. It takes a diamond to cut another diamond. From it’s humble beginning as a piece of coal in the bowels of the earth and after thousands of years of great heat and pressure it is formed. Brilliant, Sparkling with millions of prisms and facets - unbreakable. The same can be said of mothers.
A woman’s bag tells the world a lot about who she sees herself as a woman. Helping other women help themselves is Magical as it is very befitting to this cause - as we are all aware of the fact that there is and will always be а сlоsе and personal rеlаtіоnshір bеtwееn a Woman and her handbag. The outside says one thing and the inside says another but just like “inner and outer” beauty – it all works together to form a piece of art sewn with an unbreakable thread.

Mama’s Got A Brand New Bag®, was created in response to what we saw as a growing demand for a reliable platform for women around the world and in developing nations to sell and promote their textiles and artistry on a high-profile international platform.
We are Mothers ourselves "Mothers helping other Mothers" and in turn we are also helping Mother Earth.
We allow our clients to choose the design they desire both, front and back. We do offer suggestions as are shown on the content pages however, one is free to mix and match the images. There are only 4 bag shapes (Classic, Rectangular, Shopper, Round) and we can customize any bag ‘s design using real diamonds. (Market price diamonds. This is an additional cost added to the base expense).
Once you have decided on your shape, size and image you will contact us and tell us if you would like to stay with the basic painted and decorated model or if you would like to add diamonds. Our bags take six to twelve weeks to produce, and we require a deposit of half the amount to commence the work.
Each handbag is an individual work of art using APPLE, FISH SKIN, MUSHROOM, Sustainable Cow leathers. The bottoms are painted “Blue” for evening on one side and Yellow” for daytime on the other so that the user can easily flip the bag from day to night. All Bags come with its own “Birth Certificate” which states the origin of the material used and the mother who stands to benefit from the sell.
In other words, we have created our own form of blockchain as a form of transparency. Our products are both ethical and sustainable. And just like the thread each item is sewn with – we are strong, and our bond is unbreakable.

We pride ourselves in providing a service and quality of product that exceeds industry standards.