Mamas got a brand new bag

mama's got a brand new bag

Our Mission (The Promise)

To enhance the lives of women all over the globe by providing a wearable work of art using regenerative sea leathers of invasive fish and repurposed deadstock leather.

At Mama’s Got a Brand New Bag, we are sincere in our mission to assist in helping heal the world by preventing further damage from being created by invasive species such as the Dragonfin and the invasive Lionfish.  We also use the leathers that lay dormant in warehouses to show that we already have more than enough and should use what is already in existence. Through this process, several thousand jobs have been created in the fields of fishing and treating these invasive skins and by using existing cow leather we stop the carnage of further production.

Mama’s Got a Brand New Bag cares—we care about women entrepreneurs, we care about Mother Earth, and we care about you. We promise to provide the best possible customer service as well as the best possible quality handbags. We may not be the most prominent luxury handbag manufacturer, but we are confident that we have the biggest heart. They are more than bags to us; they are agents of change. Our company is more than just fashion; we want to make this world better, one bag at a time.

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