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Health is the New Wealth

By 1st April 2021 No Comments

There are so many people who want to be rich. They exhaust every trick and tactic to be wealthy. Some manage to make while a lot of others don’t. But what is real wealthy anyway? Some people say that being wealthy is about having money. Being able to do, buy, and go where you want. I guess that’s true for some. But if you can’t swim in that beautiful lake or walk up those marble stairs that all that money paid for then how happy is that money making you. What good does millions of dollars do for you when you’re stuck in a wheelchair or hospital room?

Covid 19 was one of the greatest equalizers, it showed the world that regardless of how much money you made, or you had at your disposal, it did not discriminate. No one could buy themselves out of this disease. We were truly in this one together.


We all saw that No amount of money could buy health. The wealthy died right along with the poor and although they may have been in a better surrounding, the end result was still the same, they were both dead of the same virus. No one on this planet wants to wake up and wish they were unhealthy or sick and after a year like 2020, most people who survived it and who are healthy are so grateful just to be here. It was a tough year for most and nearly everyone knows of someone who was touched in one way or another by the virus.


We all know that being in great health will not guarantee a long life as there are many other ways to die but the past year has taught us all that having good health is not something one should ever take for granted. Being wealthy isn’t a guarantee for happiness or fame but to have riches and share them nearly always satisfies the soul. We are here to love one another, share in the wealth, the wisdom and in the knowledge, to  take care of our families, guide our children and make the most of the time we have here on this Earth. Being in good health may not pay your rent or other bills but it will give you the ability to get up another day and try your best to make something happen and as I said in my last post “A smile is more contagious than the flu” and so is a grateful personality.


We know that eating burgers and fries everyday could shorten your life drastically but understand that stress and anxiety can kill you almost as quickly. We need balance and to harmonize ourselves by aligning our spirit with our soul/core needs so that when it is time for us to leave this life- WE ARE READY TO GO!!!!