Our mission is to offer Women around the world an easier path to the business platform. We have found from our travel and research that Mothers in most countries, especially those of developing nations, are most likely the bread winners and must care for the wellbeing of the entire family. We want to assist in enabling them with knowledge to capitalize on their talents in order to give them the financial strength and confidence to move forward and set a positive example for the generations to come

Mama’s Got A Brand NewBag®,, was created in response to what we saw as a growing demand for a reliable platform for women around the world and in developing nations to sell and promote their work, on a high profile international model platform.

We are Mothers ourselves "Mothers helping other Mothers" We pride ourselves in providing a service and quality of product that exceeds industry standards. Each handbag is an individual work of art and comes with their own “Birth Certificate” which states the origin of the material used and the mother who stood to gain from the sell.

In other words, we have created our own form of blockchain as a form of transparency. Our products are both ethical and sustainable. And just like the thread each item is sewn with – we are strong and our bond is unbreakable