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Women and their Handbags

By 1st June 2021 No Comments

Women have always had a distinct and intimate relationship with their handbags and the content therein. Whether it be designer or one they picked up at the last minute to help them carry the daily load of knick-knacks, it is the accessory of choice.

Throughout history handbags have represented status and served as a helper to define the lady or at sometimes the man who carries it. Lately women have been following the trend of buying what speaks to them on a personal level more so than following the tried-and-true labels. Designers have seized upon this notion by trying to create more “One of a Kind” bags that speak to the individually of the owner.  In true form on any given day a woman can see several women wearing the same fashion garment as her but what sets her apart is how she chooses to accessorize it.  When it comes to an accessory that speaks louder than words which stands to make her outfit different from the rest is a stunning bag. For this reason and this reason alone, women will invest in a great handbag.


Weight fluctuates, trends in fashion changes, hair is long one season, short the next, heels are high then low, but the handbag remains. It makes a woman, regardless of her size and or shape feel special. She can indulge herself in a carryall that speaks to who she is, in a colour that resonates with her wardrobe of that day, within a budget that pleases her. She may not have quite enough money to buy the piece of Jewellery she desires or the car, house or even wardrobe but, when it comes to a handbag, that is the greatest pick me up gift a woman can buy herself.

A great handbag is likened to a vintage car, it becomes priceless and collectible as it ages and its workmanship is praised for its intricate details of yesteryear.


The strangest thing about a great handbag is the beauty of simplicity, the simpler the bag, the better. Unless it is truly an unusual work of art, as are the bags featured on Mamas Got  A Brand New Bag they are best well-made and simple.